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Fiber Services’ first office was located in the basement of The Laffoday’s home.  It was a fine office, until one day when Mrs. Laffoday came home to find yards and yards of fabric spread out and drying all over her azaleas and gardenias! Shortly after that, we relocated to our second office.
Soon thereafter, a church friend asked if we would come to the ASID Symphony Showhouse to stain protect his white furniture.  With 20,000 people walking through, he wanted to make sure his furnishings would still be white after the show was over.  We met so many designers during that event!  That marked the beginning of our association with ASID Carolinas and the best interior designers in the industry.  We have been members and supporters ever since.

Our very first commercial installation was The Radisson Hotel in Charlotte.  Since then, we have done work for Fortune 100 & 500 companies, presidential hopefuls, heads of state, princes, and home makers.  Everything from mega-mansions to dorm rooms, from Boston to Boca!

Thirty years ago, we realized that our clients needed professional cleaning with a quality that they couldn’t get anywhere else at the time, so we developed one ourselves.  Sometime after that, we added commercial on-site flame retarding to the mix.

No matter where our clients have homes or companies, we will go and protect their carpets, rugs, and furniture from accidents and mishaps. We hope to give you the very best in stain protection, cleaning, and customer service by helping you keep your furnishings looking great for many years to come, just like we have since 1981!​

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