We use appropriate cleaners for each kind of soil or stains. We are not required to use any particular brands or kinds of cleaning products; however we do use eco-friendly products whenever possible.

Quick response on any spot or stain that wicks up and reappears.

Drying time is usually four to six hours, varying by how soiled the carpet or furnishing are.

Cleaning is done with heavy-duty portable cleaning equipment.  Furniture is returned to its original position.  Tabs or blocks are always put underneath furniture legs to prevent rusting.

None of our basic cleaners show ANY toxicity.

Perfection Plus


No noticeable change of hand on natural or man-made fibers.

The deep down dirt has been removed, your carpets and furnishings are brighter and cleaner for much longer.

Our cleaning system works to prevent fading or crocking.

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We use a combination of dry-foam extraction systems to agitate the soil or stains loose from the fibers and remove it by extraction.  We also do dry cleaning and warm water extraction.

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We recommend the application of our long term soil and stain protection not only when your furnishings are new, but also when they have been freshly cleaned as well.  Ask for a quote today!