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Exclusive protective coatings for all textile surfaces.  Air cured.  Provides microscopic bonding and sealing on all known fibers.

Reduces absorbency.  Improves wear resistance.  Provides Soil Release for easier removal of water and oil borne substances.  Reduces attraction of soil and dirt particles to fiber surfaces.

Written service commitment delivered after treatment upon request.  Compatible cleaning and flame retardant services also available.

Varies from 1 - 2 hours, depending on humidity.

Compatible cleaning methods do not remove treatment.

Free spot cleaning for 1 year from date of service.

Thank you for your interest in Fiber Services.  Here are several points that we hope you will consider:

  • THE FABRIC PROTECTANT MUST BE WORN OFF OVER A PERIOD OF TIME.  It cannot be washed off with regular cleaning.
  • ALL PROTECTIVE COATINGS ARE NOT THE SAME.  Our stain protectant has a resin base that causes it to permanently bond to each fiber’s surface, greatly reducing the fiber’s ability to absorb liquids, stains, soils, etc.
  • OUR TECHNICIANS ARE PROS.  They give you or your maintenance staff good basic instruction and stand by to assist you with future emergencies and clean up problems.
  • WE PROMISE TO SAVE YOU CONSIDERABLE BUDGET MONEY.  It will lower labor maintenance cost and lengthen the wear-life of your carpet, rugs or fabrics.
  • OUR TRACK RECORD IS EXCELLENT! We have been in this business for over 37 years, and have many happy customers all over the country!

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No noticeable change of hand on natural or man made fibers.

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SERVICE COMMITMENT:                

For more information, see MSDS report here!

Invisible when bonded.  No effect if fabric is colorfast.

No measurable or detectable toxicity after initial drying time.

Does not effect flame retardance when applied professionally.

Includes training of cleaning and maintenance personnel in the easiest cleaning methods and preferred cleaning materials.  Additional counseling by phone and on-site assistance.

For all Commercial and Residential fibers and fabrics, carpets, area rugs, upholstery, draperies, wall coverings, bedding, auto interiors, leathers, and suedes.  Need not be freshly cleaned.

Protective seal on fiber surfaces must be worn off with intensive traffic and use, cannot be washed off.  Tests prove much added wear life.

Fiber Services

Stain Protecting

Applied on-site with portable spray equipment by our trained technicians.