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     It is magic. That's how the stains disappear.

     Marsha and I purchased a couple of new rugs. These rugs were light beige, and the first thing I said to Marsha was we need to have Fiber Services to come out and treat them. So within a week of them being delivered, Justin came out and treated them with your magic "stuff".

     Well it was not more than a week later that I heard Marsha screaming for me. She had knocked over her coffee, spilling it on the couch (which was also treated) and on one of the new rugs. Justin had educated us on what to do in this kind of situation, so we started working on cleaning the couch and rug.

     After a short time of blotting the spot, there were no stains. Even now, there are no noticeable stains. We are so glad we had Fiber Services come out to help protect our couch and rugs. 

​-Rick & Marsha Heedick

More coming soon!